Il Dipinto - Vetreria Artistica Modena


Paola Cavazzuti earned her school-leaving certificates of art master and A-level in art at the Art Institute “A.Venturi” of Modena in 1986. In the aftermath she opened her artistic workshop called “il Dipinto” based in Modena, 309 Vaciglio C. Street.
Along the time Paola participated to many exhibits, where she received lots of appreciations and evaluations from their public as about her hand-worked products. Fascinated by glass work, she specialized in manufacturing Art Glass Walls at important factories of that field.
Always magic for its shades, light and colour effects, glass is for Paola a continuous matter to study.
Her sensitivity, knowledge, and above all her passion, push the artist to improve herself continuously in style and quality of her handcrafted products.

Thanks to her experience over thirty years, in her workshop Paola can make every project for small and big spaces, both on her exclusive design and the customer's one. These real artworks are obtained by variuos working procedures: lead setting and tiffany, glass walls grisaille-painted and hot baked (650 degrees), glass walls decorated by transparent glaze paints or artificial resins, sandblasts, creations of garnished mirrors with geometrical and flower details or made precious by tiffany frames, all shaped mirrors, even having big dimensions naturally customized as all her creations, glass mosaic, photo frames, manufacture of lamps and wall lights, works with pure gold and shiny metals.

In her workshop Paola Cavazzuti designs and creates sacred art Glass Walls for churches, private chapels, cemetery chapels and any other sacred place, as well as “restorations“ in order to give back their previous charm and beauty to glass walls.

She cooperates with studios of Architects, Interior designers, Doors and Windows Manufacturers, Glassmakers, Woodworkers and Furniture-makers, giving to her customers the chance of free inspections, in order to understand at the best the future creation and work location.

The master Paola Cavazzuti's work is a refined handicraft.
In her coloured and shining workshop, you can find lots of tools, each instrument is specific for a particular procedure or work phase: glasscutter, pliers, grinders and welders, so many paints, glass dusts, artificial resins and plasters.

Her glass walls are unique pieces, personally designed for each customer, paying particular attention to his needs and tastes.
They are thought for all locations, well-finished in choosing glass of different types and colours.

Their assembly is made in full safety, you can also insert a glass wall in break-through glass or armoured glass.
These “glass pictures“ show nuances equal to such indescribable facets of natural elements. Never similar to each other, the glass walls can't be described, never seen before.

Give light effects to your doors, windows, sliding and dividing doors. Quality and absolute reliability.
Possibility of packaging and shipment.
At her workshop Paola also offers handmade decorations of furniture accessories, painted textile coordinates, all that on demand.

By “Il Dipinto di Paola Cavazzuti” you can visit three shop windows of art objets and photo albums about art creations along the time to develop and exend new ideas.